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As a global leader in AI edge perception, SENSCAPE is committed to achieving AI value from various data sources, enabling edge devices to be smarter, expanding the AI boundary, creating large-scale AI applications and ecosystems, and making our planet safer, more convenient, efficient, beautiful and intelligent.

  • A laboratory of "embedded AI and machine vision" has been established through joint efforts with Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to facilitate collaborative innovation of industry, university and research institutes;
  • SENSCAPE Technologies has cooperated with technology giants and world top vision research institutes such as INTEL and UIUC, to launch the “Envision Plan” that realize perception on all machines;
  • SENSCAPE Technologies leads the leaping development of edge perception AI, through long-term accumulation of original technologies, talents and patents!


Lu Fan Co-founder, Chairman of the Board Distinguished expert of the National 1000 Talent Program initiated by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC; PhD., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; Master of Engineering, Tsinghua University Founder and CEO of Inter Resources Group (IRG) which later became a VOIP carrier and wholesaler in the United States and was then acquired by BCE Teleglobe; worked as COO of Cernet Corporation; worked as General Manager of AKAMAI in China.
Xiao Hongbo Co-founder, CEO Master's degree, Tsinghua University Worked as a technical adviser of HP and CA Technologies (China), Senior Information Architect of IBM, and project manager of imaging team of UIUC Advanced Media Research Center; won the CA Golden Start Awards of North Asia, ITIL and COBIT professional certifications.
Chang Qingpu Vice President for Hardware Products Master of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University Worked as the General Manager of RENESAS Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Vice President of Beijing Jingchuan Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. With rich experience in hardware projects, he led the development of various solutions in TVs, air conditioners and automobile controllers for famous Chinese brands, including GREE, Haier, TCL and Jingchuan, etc.
Chen Yong President of USA branch, and Vice President, SENSCAPE Technologies Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Mississippi State University He has held senior technical and management positions in leading companies in Silicon Valley including FotoNation, Tessera, Intel and Dell. He has extensive experience in image processing, chip design and system development. He was awarded 16 US patents.
Xu Huan President of Solutions Bachelor's degree, PLA Information Engineering University Former senior manager of IBM Greater China information security product line, director of Lenovo technical service department, senior manager of Cisco China AS service department.
Fu Mingming Director of Hardware products Master of Electronics, Tsinghua University Once worked as Project Manager of Sony Ericsson in Tokyo Japan, participated in the R&D of over 20 Sony Ericsson mobile phones and has rich experience in product conception, functional needs analysis, and user market analysis. Since 2011, worked as Project Manager of SENSCAPE Technologies, responsible for APP development and project management Smart Travel and SceneView on the basis of mobile AR technologies and responsible for business planning and resources management of a subsidiary in Suzhou.
Yan Yan Director of Software Products Master of computer science, Tsinghua University Worked as senior software engineer, architect and department manager of famous Internet companies including Yahoo, Ganji, etc.
Hou Zhaoyang Product Director of Horned Sungem Bachelor's degree, Tsinghua University Worked as an embedded software engineer at Huahuan Electronics.

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