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Embedded AI perception platform -- Vision Card

Multiview computer vision based real-time 3D reconstruction + embedded deep learning target classification = Precise large-scale spatial perception

Vision Card

Intelligent devices can work better while having vision ability. Our Vision Card, employing advanced visual perception technologies, can extract, identify and classify target images on complicated backgrounds and high-dynamic lighting conditions. Furtherly it can perceive the spatial relations among the cameras, target objects and surroundings and then can analyze and understand the real scenario.

  • Real-time image processing
    Real-time image processing
  • Multi-cameras support
    Multi-cameras support
  • Universal APIs
    Universal APIs
  • Compact size
    Compact size
  • Low power consumption
    Low power consumption
  • Excellent processing capability
    Excellent processing capability



Senscape Technologie Solutions


Senscape Technologie Partners

  • In addition to modular products with better universality, the leading position of SENSCAPE
    is mainly presented by faster product development cycle and better control over production capacity.
    SESCAPE is targeted at various traditional market sectors and is now cooperating with a dozen of manufacturers,
    including public companies in some specialized fields.
    36 Kr
  • SENSCAPE Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is now working closely with Intel Movidius
    to promote the industrialization of AI devices by enabling robots.
    In the explosion era of AI, vision is among others a key source of information,
    to enable robots to perceive and understand this world.
  • SENSCAPE has aroused extensive attentions in the industry by its Vision Card
    which is an independently developed intelligent vision system and gives machines the eyes of wisdom,
    helping AI to exploit a trillion-dollar market. Based on the proven algorithms of SENSCAPE
    and the embedded chips and platforms from NVIDIA and well-known suppliers,
    it is no longer a dream to realize 0-to-1 breakthrough in AI embedded vision solutions!
  • With the development of network and IT, concepts of security control are also evolving.
    Today, when traditional manufacturers are eager to introduce intelligent solutions,
    the SENSCAPE Vision Card V101 will definitely push AI
    and security control to a brand new stage of intelligent perception!