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Remote Assistant How to make the best use of engineers' time to solve more problems?
How do engineers working at different locations collaborate with one another?


Remote Assistant is a one-to-one or one-to-many mobile Call-For-Help platform that integrates spatial orientation, image recognition, SLAM and augmented reality.

Remote Assistant

Features Demonstration

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality (AR) With AR technology, it overlays labeling tools and painting brushes on the video in real time. By using labeling tools, users can guide customers through the installation, detection and maintenance operations in real scenarios. We can make the presentation clearer by combining the virtual tools and real scenarios.
  • Video voice Video voice Customer service staff or engineers may check the problems in products purchased by a user via video call, to realize early diagnosis. Besides, it may also be used to guide customers through the installation, operation and simple maintenance of the product. We not only make labels on the video, but also provide voice instructions, so that guidance is provided to customers in both vision and voices to solve the problem.
  • Labeling tool Labeling tool Our labeling tools include painting brushes, identifiers and customized animation, with which customers or engineers can tag the instruction information on the video to help customers to solve their problems. The customized animation may be used to present the installation and operation process of a product.
  • Spatial Orientation Spatial Orientation By combining SLAM and IMU technologies, it tags the spatial coordinates of painting brushes and identifiers on videos, and the spatial coordinates are refreshed in the vision field for human eyes, so that the instructions tagged by customer service staff and engineers will not drift away from the position while the device moves around. The tagged information can be displayed on the correct positions, regardless of the vision moving in any horizontal directions or zooming in or out.
  • Object Recognition Object Recognition With the object and image recognition technologies and combining with AR technologies, while filming a specific product or an image of the product, it can recognize the product and present its installation and operation process in 3D animation. It solves the barriers of installation and mal-operation encountered by customers.
  • AR Glasses AR Glasses Remote Assistant may be transplanted to AR glass or other devices, to add new features to existing products and to cater for market needs.

Core Advantages

  • Supports from first-class algorithm team Supports from first-class algorithm team
  • SDK and standard APIsupport SDK and standard API support
  • AR device support AR device support
  • Powerful background service support Powerful background service support

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