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Wearables Through cooperation with Holokit and by opening reference designs, SENSCAPE Vision Card supports intelligent devices on all platforms (such as iOS and Android), breaks through 2D limitations and enhances the perception of 3D space. Free opening of Hololens hardware platform to producers of AR game, mobile phones and tablet computers pushes forward the perception of world and intellectual interaction.

Vision Card V203

Vision Card V203 adopts advanced stereo vision technology to realize obstacle avoidance, driver monitoring and real-time warning, and therefore is extensively used in drones and ADAS.

Vision Card V203


Augmented reality involves display, presentation, perception and AI. Holokit successfully solves the issues of reality and presentation, while the Vision Card solves the issues of presentation, perception and intelligence

It breaks the platform limitations by providing powerful computing cores to portable devices running all platforms, such as iOS and Android. Through accurate 3D information, it perfectly integrates virtual information and physical object information

Vision Card V203 is developed using Intel-Movidius SOC and stereo vision technology. By matching the disparity of images captured by two cameras, the Vision Card generates depth maps and point clouds that bearing depth information. The chip is only as small as a One-Yuan coin and has power consumption as low as 2W and high processing capacity up to 1Tflops.